Interdependence Day 2014


We hold these truths to be self-evident:

That all life is interconnected, and endowed with certain inalienable rights and responsibilities,

That among these are presence, compassion, and the pursuit of happiness.
That to secure these rights and responsibilities,

We open our minds and hearts to the needs of others, and our own true needs,

We hear the sound of the living universe in our ears, and add our voices to the song,

We live every moment with awareness of the purity and power of existence.

And for the support of this Declaration, we pledge to each other our love and our breath,

For the freedom of the one is the freedom of the all, and the pain of the one is the pain of the all;

The breath of the one is the breath of the all, and the breath of the all is the breath of Life

I guess I have some catching up to do!

After many busy months, I’m finally back with a new video! LOTS to catch up on – the White House Correspondents Dinner, The Lilly Awards, and a couple of new projects I’ve been working on. And for the actors out there, I talk a little bit about three things that I think are very important in acting: action, subtext and stakes.

Happy watching… and I promise it won’t be so long until my next video!

Love Letters… and more!

Hi everyone, sorry it’s been so long! Here’s a quick update —

Last night I was at the Dorset Playhouse in Vermont doing a reading of A.R. Gurney’s LOVE LETTERS with Treat Williams. The evening was a benefit for actors at Long Trail School to raise money to go to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland and we had a great audience and a great time!

Love Letters

Also coming up in March, I’ll be directing a production of MOTHERHOOD OUT LOUD at the Berkshire Theatre Festival to benefit WAM Theatre and the Berkshire Festival of Women Writers. For more information, click here. Tickets go on sale next week!

A Vision For The World

This is beautiful. If you only say this once from your heart it sends a ripple effect to all.
- Jayne

The Intenders of the Highest Good; Vision Alignment Project by Noel West

A Vision For The World

I intend to hold a vision for the world where the water and air are clean and refreshing. A world where all the oceans and the life within them are healthy. I intend a world where all life is valued and honored. I intend a world where humans help other humans for everyone’s greater good. I intend a world where the soil is rich and provides only healthy crops. I intend a world where peace is always the goal and community is more important than greed and power.

I intend a world where day after day and week after week humans are waking up to their true potential. I intend a world guided by love and compassion. I see a world where loving compromise is the way of the land. I intend to hold the vision where the light of love burns brightly and our enemies become our loved ones. I intend a world where everyone’s beautiful chakra colors shine and dominate the landscapes. I intend a world where the energy from Mother Earth shoots up from the ground and into the soles of everyone’s feet and fills them with vitality. I hold the vision that this sacred vitality light the entire planet. I hold the vision and intend that our beautiful planet shows the galaxy and the many universes how love and light can transform the dark. And finally, I intend the cells within every life form on earth pulsate with light, love and vitality.

Long time, no blog…

Hello all. Just a note to say I’ve been busy re-entering after finishing House of Cards and will be blogging this week. I will be talking about the importance of listening – and a bit about the holidays.
Stay tuned and sorry it’s been so long!